About Us

About Us

As AGE Group, we have been continuing our branding journey with all our employees with great faith since 2014. In this journey, we achieve new success every day with our investments and collaborations in different sectors, which are the driving force of our steady growth.

The priority we give to contemporary projects contributes to the protection of natural resources and human health, as well as the national economy. Galvanized coatings, furniture manufacturing, trade, construction, while continuing our work in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, corporate branding and our target deviation from the path we walk with faith and confidence in Turkey's future.

With the experience we have in the globalizing world, while continuing our activities without compromising the principle of quality service and continuity, we monitor the supply-demand imbalances in all the sectors we are involved in and produce solutions to possible problems quickly.

Our biggest goal is to contribute much more to the national economy with our brands Sakarya Galvaniz, AGE Furniture, Focus Foreign Trade, AGE İnşaat and AGE Breeding Breeding

While continuing to grow with all our affiliates, we aim at new medium and long-term investments that provide high employment in business life. We are aware of the importance of exports for our country. We are planning to make more progress in this field with our Focus Foreign Trade company. We firmly believe that we will make a name for us in the future with our stable growth values by supporting the country's economy and social development with the new employment areas we will create.